rpiHello and welcome to our Communities 2.0 Raspberry Pi Resources website.

We’ve set this little site up to support our ‘Intro to the RPi’ sessions in 2014 where we’re aiming to familiarise you all with the potential of this cheap credit card sized computer that has a wealth of options and capability from being a cheap (from £25) computer to a home automation system to controlling robots, making web servers and a running streaming media centre…..all for the intro price of £25!!!rpi arcade games!

We’re not selling rpis – we’re just hoping to support you to run your own sessions, swap ideas and make things….thats the main thing here – it’s all about making and sharing things.

So if you’re interested in learning more or maybe want to set up a pi club in your community Contact Us to see whats happening near you.

In the meantime why not check out our Resources or the Blog to find out more….

What is a Raspberry Pi?